FDC MP To Defect To NRM


rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimpreports has established from highly placed sources that Rukungiri Municipality MP, cialis 40mg Roland Mugume, has of late been in talks with NRM top shots on switching to the ruling party.

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The planned defection is expected in the not-too-distant future.

These reports were confirmed by Mugume’s conduct over the weekend.

FDC officials in Rukungiri were on Sunday shocked when Mugume told a large gathering at Christ the King Church attended by President Yoweri Museveni that he invited the head-of-state to the district.

He further raised shs1m on Museveni’s portrait during the fundraising ceremony for the construction of a church.

Opposition leaders in Rukungiri are known for the aggressiveness with which they encounter President Museveni’s policies.

Mugume wanted to be seen in company of the President.

However, he was embarrassed when Museveni said he was yet to see Mugume’s invitation for the fundraising, apart from that of deputy Resident District Commissioner, Harriet Nakamya.

At the same function, over 3,800 FDC supporters switched to NRM.

Mugume’s defection will be a big blow to the FDC in an area considered as FDC’s stronghold.

Majority of Municipality councillors and Division Mayors are all FDC members.


FDC had planned to rally efforts around the defection of Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, Gen David Sejusa to the opposition to portray the ruling party’s structures as fragmented.

The announcement by former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya that he intended to stand against Museveni in 2016 was also good news to opposition in convincing the public that the party would not survive in the upcoming presidential elections.

The expulsion of NRM rebel MPs also helped the opposition narrative that NRM was steadily crumbling from within.

However, the NRM appears to have studied the opposition game and are now playing their cards very well.

Just recently, Maj Rubaramira Ruranga crossed to NRM; a move many believe was oiled with sacks of money. There are also reports that other senior FDC officials are on the verge of crossing back to the ruling party.

The developments in FDC are a huge challenge to the party’s president Mugisha Muntu on keeping the main opposition party united and free from interference by foreign forces.

Besigye recently explained that it “takes a high level of ideological commitment and resilience to remain in the struggle leadership for many years. Most leaders who succumb to the dictatorship are not persuaded by its actions; they are coerced into seeking survival means from it.”

He added: “In fact, defectors are inwardly more revolted by the regime (for the humiliation they go through) than the colleagues they abandon in the struggle. Quite often, defectors get marginalised or even ejected by the dictatorship after serving its purpose.”


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