CECAFA: Sick Ugandan Referee Sent Home


here medical geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Rogers Mulindwa, the head of communication in CECAFA, revealed some Ugandan referees, Samuel Kayondo inclusive, have been sent back home ”because of high blood pressure that was approximately 12 – 19. Kayondo couldn’t be assigned to officiate any game”.

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Samuel Kayondo had been called to replace Tanzania’s referee, Israel Mujuni, who also had the same problem of high blood pressure.

CECAFA immediately called the Ethiopian referee, Michael Nsereje, to cover the space.

Meanwhile, CECAFA organising committee is also contemplating on changing the hosting venue for the fixtures of Monday involving Uganda’s second game against Eritrea.

“Rain in Machakos may lead to these changes to avoid negative performances,” added Mulindwa.


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