Kamya: Museveni Is Not Uganda's Problem


seek geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>She also warned Ugandans against wasting time becoming reactionary and hysterical only to piecemeal incidents such as the current Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and KCCA saga, police brutality, Kabaka and Media sieges, patronage, corruption and others.

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“Uganda’s problem has remained unresolved since the colonial era, and sadly, Ugandans are still wrongly persuaded that ousting leaders from power will solve everything,” Kamya stated.

She then added: “When Obote, and Amin massacred people, you said that they were the problem of Uganda and therefore should be removed. You said the same in the 1960’s that Kabaka Muteesa and Buganda were the sole Ugandan problem and sent him to exile. Even before that, everyone was convinced that kicking the white man out would ultimately end the country’s woes.”

Kamya thus commenced to note that “Now many of you including well-acquainted intellectuals and political leaders still hold that throwing Museveni out will finally bring peace, stability and fulfilment, and I think that you are all mistaken”.

While interacting with students at Makerere University on Friday, Kamya counselled that the gravest mistake that the people of Uganda had committed was donating all powers to the office of the president.

“In all the 19 chapters of our 1995 national constitution, other than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 19th, all the other chapters bestow all powers to only one man – the president,” she mused.

“When the constitution talks about security, the president can appoint the IGP, CDF head of prisons; when it talks of judiciary it gives him powers to appoint the Chief Justice. The president also appoints 30% of the national parliament i.e. ten ex-officials and now 80 ministers. He also appoints heads of the Human Rights Commission, Electoral Commission and various other government agencies.”

“The president has been made supreme and when Museveni uses all these powers to do as he wishes and serve his own interests, he is legally doing so and we should not blame him,” she added.

Kamya recommended that the young intellectuals begin thinking critically on such matters because they are responsible for the country’s next 50 years, and could repeat the same mistakes of their forefathers if they allow to be swayed by uniformed messages from the current egoistic politicians, whose most likely desire is to also have the taste the topmost seat.


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