Tycoons To Brainstorm On Business Survival After Owners' Death


capsule geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This follows the suspension of work by KCCA technical team last evening by the executive director, and Jennifer Musisi, stuff citing too much threat on them from the angry Ugandans who want to re-instate the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago.

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Today, various streets have been occupied with hawkers and vendors who have paraded their goods along the road sides and pavements.

On Kafumbe Mukasa road; phone vendors, fruits vendors, as well as those dealing in clothes and shoes have occupied both sides of the streets.

Outside Nakivubo stadium, more vendors have taken up all the free space around this place and interestingly, at this spot, it looks like some of the shop attendants have brought sugar and those from Owino market have brought the stock to be cleared in preparation for the festive season.

The whole part outside Owino market is the most congested area.

There are very many hawkers stationed in this area holding merchandise.

At Ben Kiwanuka Street, especially outside Nalubwaama Arcade, Mukwano Arcade, Mgaoba Arcade and Pioneer View, traders dealing in ladies outfits like jeans shoes and children’s toys have crowded here.

On William Street outside buildings like Mutaasa Kafeero, Gazaland and Majestic Plaza, vendors have laid their goods including clothes, bags and shoes on the verandahs of these buildings something which has led to the slow movement of pedestrians in the area.

Some shop attendants especially phone dealers and clothing dealers, have used this period to put displays outside the shops since KCCA early this year had refused any one to put any item outside the shop.

Some vendors have told Chimpreports that this is a very big day for them since they are making a lot of sales without being disturbed by the KCCA enforcement officers who always confiscate their property.

Some traders renting shops around Mukwano Arcade informed us that these street vendors have led to a cut down in their daily sales since all their customers can’t waste time entering the shops when they can get what they want on the streets.

In the Old Taxi Park, fruit sellers and fried foods sellers have also occupied most parts of this park waiting for their customers.

But to the pedestrians, the situation has not been simple since there is hardly space for them to walk.

From morning up to the filing of this story, we have not been able to see any KCCA officer on duty.

Most of the customers who have benefitted a lot from this are the students who have come back for their holidays.

However, security in town remains tight as the Anti-riot police and the mobile patrol vehicles continue to patrol the streets.

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Maalik Fahd Kayondo, one of the organisers, said at a press conference on Friday in Kampala that they are getting concerned that while people like the late John Mulwana could die and his Franchise lives on and performs even better, many others like Zzimwe went down with almost all his establishments”.

Bulaimu Kibirige, who boots of successfully managing some of the country’s biggest enterprises like Hotel Africana, as family businesses without attaining a single bank loan, believes that many Ugandans aspiring to become next billionaires need to borrow a leaf from his secret.

“Ugandans are actually preparing their children instead of preparing for their children. The moment they breathe their last, it becomes almost inevitable that children will be scrambling to spilt all that is left behind, so if it’s a shop, one leaves a weighing scale, another one a fridge, and so on,” Kibirige put in.

He then commenced: “They lack the understanding of the fact that even when the dad is gone, the children only can work to further the business and take shares in it, instead of splitting it apart.”

Badru Ssegurinya, another organiser pointed out that “our investors and business owners, unfortunately have not had a chance to attain some considerable formal education, and they believe that they will run their businesses all by themselves”.

“Someone cannot hire a lawyer unless he is forced to, they want to do all the procurement by themselves and even audit their books, yet they don’t appreciate the fact that some of these chores at that level require only specialised professionals,” Ssegurinya explained.

The event slated for December 6, 2013 at Hotel Africana, will attract speakers like Hajjat Amina, the director of Nakamatt supermarket, Hajji BMK, Hon Isa Kikungwe, and Dr. Anas Kaliisa among others.

Highlight On Ugandan Businesses

Since independence, though she still languishes at the bottom side of the world’s richest list of countries, Uganda like any other country has had a number of individuals who through thick and thin somehow broke through and become successful billionaires holding up the economy.

Majority of these have not had a good education or emerged from affluent backgrounds and thus one could say that Uganda has had its own good share of the from-grass-to-grace stories.

From village herdsmen, cleaners, car washers, hotel waiters, motor vehicle mechanics, small scale farmers, and owners of small retail shops, these people have evolved to become proprietors of huge chains of businesses, industries, and institutions.

Although the trend has slowly been changing over the last couple of decades, majority of these movers and shakers of the national economy have tended to possess an Islamic background.

Sadly, after a lifelong devotion, sacrifice and hard work to start up grand establishments, at the end of their lives, these men have tended to go to their graves together with their businesses.

Against this very background, a number of top city billionaires have sought to speak out to the rest of the upcoming fellow tycoons on how to ensure their business can live on after they have gone.


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