PHOTOS: Bobi Wine Premiers 'Gals' Video


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page geneva;”>Bobi Wine appeared Wednesday at a Kampala nightclub for the premier of the video in the company of his wife, Barbra Kyagulanyi (Barbie) and the whole of the Fire Base crew.

He wasted no time but immediately took to the stage to perform some of his latest songs.

However, before he could premiere the Video, an average audience in the club who were mainly ladies requested Bobi to bring Barbie, as she is popularly known, whom he had left in the VIP section, to the stage.

Bobi and Barbie at the Premiere of ‘Gals’ video

“Security, tell my girl to come over to the stage,” Bobi ordered as Barbie dressed in a shinny dress and black high heeled shoes emerged from the VIP section.

The audience was very excited that their screams almost went over the sound of the music.

Earlier, Bobi said the song was part of the Africa-Jamaica Connect, an initiative bringing together musicians from Africa and Jamaica.

He said Cindy was also part of the initiative and her songs were soon coming out.

“This is a video that I love most. It was shot from America, Jamaica and Africa,” said Bobi as he ordered the DJ to play the song.

Bobi Wine performing on stage

The video boosts of a high quality picture outlay, a quality never seen by any of the other Ugandan videos.

It was shot at a beach and swimming pool, respectively. Bobi and MR.G appear in the video with several ladies, who keep on massaging the musicians as they sing.

Both the Ugandan and Jamaican flags appear in the song though none of the ladies in the video appears to be Ugandan.

Gals is currently a club banger in the country and it is among the several songs that Bobi wine did with MR. G.


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