KACITA Roots For 'Tenants Protection Bill'


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here geneva;”>In a meeting organised at Diamonds Hotel in Kampala, the KACITA chairman, Evarest Kayondo, called upon all traders under their umbrella body to express their problems about landlords and look for a way forward.

“As traders, we went to the President and to Parliament demanding a bill against landlords but to our surprise, the president told us that since that is private property, there is no way government can intervene. He advised us to relocate and find other malls whose rent is still low,” Kayondo narrated.

Many tenants in Kampala are crying foul after being evicted by their landlords out of the different malls and arcades after failing to double their monthly rents, as was the case at Yamaha centre in Kampala.

Tenants say that they cannot pay such amounts to the landlords because they earn less from sales.

“Landlords should sit and talk to their tenants about the rent scales and decide what to do instead of closing the arcades which affects the traders,” Kayondo pursued.


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