Though Late, Judge Nyanzi Ruling Should Be Welcomed


prostate geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It truly vindicates NRM government as a promoter and custodian of Independence of Judiciary and other arms of Government. Although overtaken by events, Nyazi’s ruling shows that anybody or party can be entertained and listened to by our courts of judicature.

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His ruling on interim order to stop proceedings that led to impeachment of former Mayor Lukwago cannot apply retrospectively. This is because an interim court order is aimed at stopping a certain act from taking place and majorly a temporary relief.

Therefore, the judgment of Nyanzi would mean something like asking government to rebuild a house at KCCA that is already broken? Can this be achieved in short term? Because his order was to stop the meeting that commenced at 9:00 am.

The order was served to authorized government official at 10:30 when the meeting had already taken place. Now it’s’ almost for days since Kampala City councilors executed the impeachment of now former Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

A judgment on interim order cannot stop an impeachment that already happened – four days ago! Therefore, consequences of today’s judgment/decision can only be watched and engaged in a reverse gear and be taken as out of time and un-implementable. Perhaps we need to do a time check and engage an updated gear.

Secondly, in the Judgment, Yasin Nyanzi did not rule on legality of KCCA proceedings that led to impeachment of the Mayor – he should be commended. If he had done so it would have presented him in bad light as a judge with a premeditated standpoint.

Let freedom and rule of law reign. We await last word from attorney General of the Republic of Uganda.

The author is a Special Presidential Assistant incharge of Information and Research


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