Kyambadde: Poor Coordination Killing Gov’t Programs


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abortion geneva;”>The observation was made by the minister of Trade, site Industry and Cooperatives, Hon Amelia Kyambadde at her ministry’s annual sector review conference convened at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday.

“A number of constraints met in endeavours to enhance trade expansion, other than insufficient funding, were as a result of lack of good coordination between the ministry and other ministries and government agencies at national and local levels,” indicated Kyambadded as she presented her report on the performance of the ministry for the fiscal year 2012/13.

On the event that was run under the theme “Harnessing Uganda’s benefits from regional integration through infrastructural development in the trade, industry and cooperatives sector”, Kymabadde illustrated that the current disconnection between the ministry of Trade and the peripheral District Commercial Officers was to blame for the underperformance.

“A World Bank study in 2006, together with another study on the effectiveness of these DCO’s both noted that after devolution, our ministry was operating purely in isolation from the districts, which are at the centre of production, “she added.

She then continued thus: “This has indeed created a significant gap in efficiency of trade value chain and adversely affected the ease with which the ministry can deliver especially on trade and business services at the grassroots.”

“It is high time that we realised as government that having proper and effective coordination not only improves our efficiency, but also maximises usage of the insufficient available resources,” the minister observed.

Kyambadde further announced that as a result, the government through her ministry is working on steps to address this abnormality whereby 40 districts will be supported in commercial extension services.

Through funding from the United Nations office for programs support, the three-year project is expected to cost $ 3.7 milion.


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