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Makerere Don Petitions IGG Over 'Corrupt' Administrators


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help geneva;”>In a letter seen by Chimpreports, drug Matovu, who is a lecturer in the Department of Economic Policy and Planning at the College Of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS), says members of top management at Makerere have secretly paid themselves incentive packages and arrears in excess of what was sanctioned by the University Council.

“These payments were effected without passage through established accountability structures of audit at the university, and as such constitute fraud,” Matovu wrote.

Makerere University publicist, Ritah Namisango was not reeadily available for comment.

The don also indicated that “it is my understanding, and this is for your esteemed office’s constitutional duty to verify, that the Vice Chancellor, his Deputies, the University Secretary, Academic Registrar and Bursar, each have pocketed amounts in excess of Shs 11 million”.

“These fraudulent payments were effected without passage through the normal audit channels of the Manager Audit and Cashier, where incentive payments to the rest of university staff are effected,” Matovu pursued.

He thus called upon Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General of Government, to intervene and save the situation.

“Your lordship, these allegations call for your prompt investigation, as the university is gradually destroyed by a cable of managers who have taken it upon themselves to enrich themselves in a situation where support staff go unpaid, infrastructure crumbles and Principals and part-time teaching staff work without clear terms of service,” insisted Matovu.

Matovu further cited an example where “management has failed to provide terms of service to Prof Joseph Amunuk, who was appointed Principal by the university chancellor over 6 months ago”.


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