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Motocross Last Round Moved To Masaka


According to Arthur Blick, the Uganda motocross team captain, the Mountain Dew last Motocross Championship round shall be held in Nyando-Misali and much is expected from it as skills and many more are expected to be exhibited that day.

“This is going to be the last event on the calendar and riders who missed out on the last event of East and Central Motocross Championship at the beginning of this month in Nairobi are all expected in this round,” Blick said.

Talha Kiggundu, Fatuh Kiggundu and Ahamed Tamale are among the riders who missed out in Kenya.

Kiggundu also missed the 7th round of National Motocross Championship that was held in Busiika as he was busy with his O’ level final exams.

The Kawasaki motorcycle rider (Kiggundu) will have to take this round not so serious since he already won this year’s championship with 438 points in MX2.

The main battle will be in MX1 where Yasin Bukala will be racing at home (Masaka) to stretch the lead so that he can clinch this year’s championship.

However, Jesse Kamstra who has consistently participated this year will be eager to see if Yassin can sleep-up because Jesse is so close.

This year’s MX1competition hasn’t been too stiff as riders have been inconsistent in participation.

Well known riders like, Arthur Blick, Unisan Bankunda, Ballack Olando, Maximo Van Pee and Asaf Natan have not participated in more than four rounds in the last seven events hence leaving a big gap for consistent junior riders in this class to lead the chart.

Differently, for the last seven events, this eighth event won’t have a guest rider.


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