Shoppers Cautioned On X-mas Stampede


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adiposity geneva;”>In an exclusive interview with the chairman for KACITA, Evarest Kayondo, Chimpreports gathered that consumers always speculate an increase in the prices of certain commodities like clothes, shoes, jewellery, among others, during the Christmas season.

“When it reaches Christmas, there are a lot of problems that traders face for example, congestion at ports like Mombasa where goods delay to reach the market. That calls for a scarcity of commodities hence an increase in demand which forces traders to increase the prices for such commodities,” Kayondo observed.

Kayondo further noted that the excitement of a trader when he sees many buying a certain commodity forces him to automatically increase the price for that particular commodity.

“So, I advise consumers to shop before the season in order to avoid such inconveniences,” he added.

Kayondo has also advised passengers to move before the season to avoid paying double fairs.

“Drivers of public service vehicles are fond of hiking transport costs for those going to the villages for Christmas. The earlier people move, the better,” he concluded.


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