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Youth Unemployment Rate Hits 80%

information pills http://copiproperties.com/wp-admin/includes/admin.php geneva;”>According to a study dubbed “Lost Opportunity” by action Aid Uganda, http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/dynamic_stylesheet/adapter.dynamic_stylesheet_routes.php NGO forum and development research and training in January 2013, 62 percent of the youths in Uganda are unemployed.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOs) data indicates that the 5.2 percent of the unemployed in this country are the youths and only 30 percent are employed.

The biggest percentage of youths between the ages of 18-30 years is not in the labour force.

Youths are the energetic population the country has but very old people are still working in big offices when the youths are on the streets looking for the same jobs.

Some of the youth drop out of the schools, yet those who continue with studies till they get masters degree find out too late that no employer needs them.

In order to curd the increasing unemployment in the country, some of the youths have been creative enough to start up some jobs that have employed fellow youths.

Job-hunting becomes a daily routine

Youths in areas of Nankulabye, Busega, Nateete, Bwaise on Northern Bypass, have started up different washing bays in these swampy areas where they get water for free to wash clients’ cars and motorcycles.

Musa Kaye, a washing bay owner in Bwaise says that he studied a diploma in civil engineering but failed to get employed in the field he trained for some time.

“I got some capital of Shs 100,000 from Crane bank which I used to start up a washing bay that now employs my fellow youths,” Kaye said.

One of the boys at the washing bay, Sulah Kato, says that he had spent two years minus working but when he came to this washing bay and got a job for washing cars, he can now get what to eat.

“We charge Shs 10,000 for washing a car, Shs 6,000 for a motorcycle and in case of a bicycle, we charge Shs 3, 000,” Kato said.

Kaye has called upon fellow youths in different parts of the country to be creative instead of waiting for the government to create jobs for them or going for sports betting.


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