Chameleone Names Favourite Ugandan Musician


physician http://class-actions.us/wp-content/plugins/ditty-news-ticker/ditty-news-ticker.php sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>Madoxx is the stage name for the Sweden-based musician who is popular for his Luganda reggae ballads.

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salve "sans-serif";”>“Positive music will always conquer positive minds. Ask me who my favorite Ugandan artiste is and I will shout it out loud “MADOX”!” said Chameleone on Wednesday.

“His reggae music soothes me anytime, anywhere. He is one of the jewels we posses in Uganda’s music fraternity!”

Madoxx relocated to Stockholm, Sweden in 1991, and while performing in night-clubs to pay for his computer studies, he met Kenneth “Mafo” Ssejjemba Magoye, a fellow musician, who introduced him to Aggrey Ssembatya, the proprietor of Small Axe Productions.

He moved to Göteborg where he eventually began work on his albums at Small Axe Studios. Where Madoxx wrote, composed, arranged, programmed, performed, co-mixed and produced all the songs on the albums. And Aggrey engineered and co-mixed the albums.

Released in 2000, Madoxx’s first album named “Tukolagane” became a major hit in Uganda with hit singles like Namagembe (about a girl he secretly loved while still at school), Tukolagane (“let’s join hands and work together”), Omukwano Gwafe (our love and friendship will never tire), Eddembe (let peace prevail in Uganda), and many more.

He followed up in 2006 with the album “Abato” (the youth), with hit singles like Nakatudde (a love song), Leka Nkulage (let me show you, that my love for you, is still very strong after all these years), Easy and Wansonyi (my girlfriend is very shy, but i love her anyway).


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