City Traders Protest Power Blackout


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Traders operating on the buildings of Akapasi Building, Prime complex and Titanic plaza on Wilson road decided not to open their shops as a way showing their discontent to Umeme which is responsible for the distribution of electricity in this area.

By 7.00am, all traders at Sunset Arcade closed the arcade holding placards demanding the concerned people to work upon the electricity problems.

One of the tenants at Sunset arcade identified as Juliet Nakalema told Chimpreports that “we have been facing a power problem here for almost three weeks but since the building is dark, customers are no longer coming which has led to a decrease in our sales yet the landlord will not listen to anything by the end of this month”.

Umeme has in recent weeks been carrying out maintenance works on their substations in and around Kampala, leading to intermittent power outages in the central region.

On Wednesday, Umeme said in a statement that some parts of Kampala Central would be off including Nabweru – Lugoba , Mulago ,Kawanda , Kivvulu , Kirinyabigo.

“The teams are out working to have these areas restored. We therefore request for your patience as this is done.”

As the traders increased in number with many shouting on top of their voices demanding for explanations over the load shedding, anti-riot police stormed the scene before restoring order through dialogue.

Umeme technicians were seen working on the damaged underground power cable at Akapasi Building.


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