EXCLUSIVE: Besigye Released, No Charges Pressed


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buy more about geneva;”> viagra 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Reports have confirmed that Besigye was released at 2:00am in the night but none of his people was informed about it.

FDC’s women’s league leader, Ingrid Turinawe has revealed that police is now surrounding Besigye’s house under what can be termed as house arrest.

The Rtd Colonel’s car was intercepted at around 12:20pm on Monday as he left his residence in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

He was immediately whisked off to Nagalama Police Post in Mukono District where he was held for a day.

According to Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, the arrest followed intelligence received by police that Besigye was planning to incite a riot around city hall protesting the impeachment of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Later, Nabakooba issued a statement, warning opposition against ferrying youth to Kampala to engage in unlawful activities.

For the same reason, Lukwago and Besigye were last week detained for two days and charged with belonging to an unlaw assembly, charges they denied.

How It Transpired

Details coming in show that Besigye was released without any charges being pressed on him.

According to our source, the Rtd colonel “demanded to be charged but he was instead forcefully pushed out the cell”.

Ingrid Turinawe, in a telephone conversation, told Chimpreports that she, together with other MPs, are worried about the hidden intentions behind Besigye’s release without being charged.

“We even went there and pleaded but they refused to give him a police bond. Why then would they release him in the middle of the night?” she quizzed.

Turinawe further explained that Besigye was actually going to Kasangati police station where he had earlier been told to keep reporting himself but not Kampala as the police made it look like.

“They denied him the rights to free movement yesterday and they are planning to do the same today since they are all over the place in Kasangati,” Turinawe elaborated.

However, deputy spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, in a telephone conversation, told Chimpreports that Besigye is neither under house arrest nor being monitored.

“The police are just doing normal routine patrolling but we haven’t entered Besigye’s house. Shouldn’t we patrol an area because Besigye stays there?” Onyango queried.


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