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Col Mande Warns Museveni


visit this site http://crosscourtathletics.org/wp-includes/class-wp-admin-bar.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mande expressed shock at the pictures showing several people including lawyer Kiwanuka being assaulted by security forces at City Hall in Kampala as Mayor Erias Lukwago was being impeached.

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ampoule geneva;”>“It is now beyond debate that to save our beloved motherland from tyranny and misrule, something drastic needs to be done and done fast. We are no longer to continue spectating but coming to intervene,” warned Mande, who fled to exile in Sweden after military efforts aimed at unseating Museveni in the 2000s failed to bear fruit.

Reports recently indicated that Mande had teamed up with Sejusa and President Milton Obote’s former Special Forces Commander, Col John Ogole, to draw a masterplan of toppling Museveni.

“It is now beyond debate that the dictatorship in Uganda has consistently used brutal and barbaric means of governance as well as using the law as a tool of political repression,” said Mande on Monday night.

He further said the law is used to limit the freedoms of the people as opposed to the universal rule of using the law to limit the powers of those who exercise power.

“We do not and could never have arrived at this painful conclusion lightly. There is an abundant body of evidence in the public domain to support this conclusion. Our calmness and passive opposition has caused impunity,” he added.

UPDF spokesman, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda has repeatedly cautioned Mande that any attempts to seize power by the bullet would meet stiff resistance from the armed forces.

Lukwago was toppled on Monday morning after being found liable of incompetence, abuse of office and misconduct by the KCCA Tribunal, charges he denied.

Lukwago’s supporters responded by engaging security forces in street battles, leaving a trail of destruction.

In the public domain, many believe that Lukwago was removed from office due to his political inclination.

However, Kampala Minister, Frank Tumwebaze who presided over the the council meeting that impeached Lukwago, said the former Mayor still has an opportunity to appeal.

“The same law which provides for his removal provides at the same time an opportunity to him to appeal within 21 days,” said Tumwebaze.

“I shall never hold back, fear to take action on any matter am convinced about nor succumb to cheap intimidation and black mail.”


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