Namirembe Church Leader Cautions On Homosexuality

dosage geneva;”>Rev Luwalira while conducting a service at St Mark church of Uganda in Nsangi Sub county, more about Wakiso district on Saturday afternoon, urged Ugandans to keep their heads high in order to curb down the high rate of immorality.

“I advise parents to keep on asking teachers about their children’s behaviour at school because a lot of evil acts have entered our country in the name of children’s rights, which is not true,” pointed out Luwalira.

Homosexuality is outlawed in Uganda.

Activists have in recent years waged several campaigns against a Bill seeking tough penalties for aggravated homosexuality, saying the proposed legislation violates homosexuals’ human rights.

Luwalira further rebuked parents who have decided to turn a deaf ear by delegating their responsibilities to housemaids and boarding schools “which most of them proudly call tendering”.

“Parents should exercise the mandate given to them over their children by God by giving them reasonable counseling and punishments where necessary,” he advised.

Luwalira also noted that there is a need for guiding the young ones because in the past “children didn’t have excessive rights like today but all successful leaders of today are products of those days”.

He, therefore, called upon the young people to be vigilant with NGOs, new religions and people who tend to come with handouts in form of helping them but with a hidden intention of sodomising them.

After confirming 189 pupils, Luwalira tasked the parents to monitor their children’s dress code and keep them in the light of God by advising them to dress up decently in ways which represent their faith.

“Nowadays, people say that money is scarce but on a daily basis, you hear over the news that a girl who was indecently dressed was gang-raped which leaves you wondering where she had got that money to move out,” he wondered.


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