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Suspects: We Were Tortured To Own 7/11 Terrorist Attacks


website geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Through their legal team headed by Counsel Peter Walubiri, sales the seven suspects in their petition allege that they were both physically and psychologically tortured and forced to sign documents they didn’t know.

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“One of the suspects got from Tanzania in his affidavit says he was denied access to a lawyer, illegally brought to Uganda aboard an Airplane. He says that while at Entebbe airport police cells, he was tortured for the days he was there,” said Walubiri.

He said his client for the days he spent at Entebbe, he was denied food, made to sleep on the floor and that despite his excessive vomiting the suspect was not allowed access to a doctor.

He stated in his affidavit that earlier on while still in Tanzania, he had been intimidated that if he refused to admit that he took part in the bombings, they were to take him to Guantanamo Bay Prison from where he would be killed by other prisoners, a request he turned down.

“However on bringing him here (Uganda), it is when he was boxed into signing documents he says he was not given time to read.”

Walubiri argued that this was the same case with the other petitioners saying, that another suspect was forced to sign documents which he didn’t know but when he tried reading them, he was beaten into coma.

He said that his client stated in his affidavit that the beatings left him with a broken eye.

He further added that despite the impact of the beatings, the suspect was not allowed access to a doctor but instead brought him to sign when he couldn’t see.

Walubiri said it was out of this torture that Njoroge admitted to having travelled and trained in Somalia for one month in the use of arms.

“This is again the same reason as to why the other suspect also admitted to having transported the people who carried out the bombings.

They were tortured and one lost an eye and forced to sign papers. My Lords, No fair hearing can be obtained basing on such evidence. If the DPP was to be allowed to use this false evidence, that would be in contravention of the constitution which states that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.”

Caleb Alaka, Julius Galisonga are among the other lawyers representing the petitioners while the state is represented by the principal State Attorney, Patricia Mutesi and Gerald Matanda.

Acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma, who is heading the panel of five judges hearing the petition, adjourned the matter so that the suspects could have a rest.

They had earlier on through their lawyers requested to be allowed to sit down but this was twice turned down, citing security reasons.

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