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Poll: Ugandans Speak Out On Lukwago Impeachment


order http://chompdigital.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a snap poll conducted by Chimpreports on Monday afternoon, http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php majority of the respondents were openly opposed to the manner and process adopted by Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze to oust Lukwago.

Others accused Lukwago of being a saboteur thus wishing him good riddance.

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Tumwebaze claims the Kampala High Court injunction handed to him before the KCCA council voted on removing Lukwago from office was a forgery.

But Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze says Justice Yasin Nyanzi pronounced himself on the matter, saying the order should have been followed and that the resolutions of today’s meeting were null and void.

Police today used teargas to quell protests in different parts of Kampala as Lukwago’s supporters challenged their Mayor’s impeachment.

Presidential Communications Assistant for Research and Information, Morrison Rwakakamba said Lukwago succumbed to self-inflicted wounds.

Below are are some of the views of Ugandans on Lukwago’s overthrow:

Betty Nambooze: His Lordship Yasin Nnyanzi today at exactly 12.00 (noon) has ruled that the status quo at KCCA which was set by the Court order directing for a stay of a meeting to impeach the Lord Mayor must be mantained until Thursaday when Court shall pronounce itself on the Application to stay the implementation of Catherine Bamugemeire Report until an application for Review of the same Report has been disposed off. According to Court no meeting to impeach the Lord Mayor has taken Place today.

Morrison Rwakakamba: I have seen posts and commentary of some few souls calling for Lukwago’s 2016 presidential candidacy. Really? Lukwago adopted Besigye’s brand of disruption & belligerence as a pathway to his political objectives. Well, Besigye strategies never worked. Perhaps Lukwago will need to be more imaginative and innovative. Copycatting is not part of a clever stratagem. Kampala people and Ugandans are tired of politics of disruption. People want public services and not empty sentimentalism of Lukwago and his adherents.

Lukwago and group opposed and fought Wandegeya market. Now it is up and glittering. People are happy. Where will Lukwago get votes from? Remember also, the 29 councilors who ejected him were voted just Lukwago was. Isn’t he concerned? How can someone who failed to manage and get a buy in of 29 councilors out of 32 manage to govern a country and preside over an executive etc? Ugandans are clever and their ingenuity shouldn’t be abused.

Justin Kaikungu: Unbelievable

Juuko Aminsi Aminsi: Every good story or any form of literature piece has got to have an exposition, anti climax, climax and finally the denouncement. So we saw the exposition when they took over power some 26yrs back, seeing the anti climax and maybe u can say the climax. So waiting for the denouncement. No one can change this trend. If you try , you get poetic justice. Watch the space

Sarah Kyerere: Lukwago was deliberately frustrated in his quest to deliver. First the KCCA Bill ,that reduced him to nothing ,then there came Jennifer who government gave all the tools that only to embarrass and frustrate him together with the councilors who were given money

Maria Kiconco: Let him go

Stella Bakibinga: I am not questioning their throwing him out of office, but rather the measures taken. Frank Tumwebaze that was the lowest of the low you could do.

Kunguru Brad Dennis: Impunity at its stupid peak

Haas Emolsa Archbale: It’s ok, he’s been a just shadow after all.

Timothy Muvunyi: That’s simply that they don’t want him to be part of the construction of a big city.

Ramathan Mugenyi: They even delayed… Lukwago is a saboteur

Jeninah Kabarungi: It was long overdue

John Kazibwe: Good riddance 2 bad rubbish


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