FMU, Rally Drivers To Lock Horns In Court Today


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In June this year FMU suspended drivers, medicine Geoffrey Nsamba, see Duncan Mubiru, Nasser Mutebi and John Barrows Lumu from taking part in any of the federation’s activities for six years.

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The embattled drivers were accused of inciting their colleagues not to take part in the federation’s events, tarnishing the organisation’s name in public among others cases.

However, drivers under their umbrella body, Uganda Motor Rally Drivers’ Club sought legal redress, challenging FMU’s actions.

Efforts by State Minister for Sports Hon Charles Bakkabulindi to reconcile the drivers with FMU did not bear fruit.

The drivers’ lawyer, Geoffrey Nsamba said more issues would be raised during the court session.

FMU president George ‘Uncle’ Kagimu refused to comment on the matter before court, saying it was prejudicial.


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