Mzee, 70, Dares GNL, Navio In Lugaflow


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nurse http://concasol.org/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/include_framework.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>On a Friday afternoon, order after a tip off by a friend who performs at National Theatre every Monday, Chimp Corp, Badru Afunadula, makes his way to the theatre where the Mzee has been rumoured to be lounging.

Towards the entrance of the Theatre, two men sit on plastic chairs chatting.

Then suddenly, a lady who is rushing by chirps in her queer style, “jambo Mzee Lutaya” as she disappears down the corridor.

‘This simplifies my work’ thinks the Corp as he extends his arm for the Mzee to shake.

Mzee Lutaya then asks the Corp to follow him to the Gardens behind the theatre and requests to be allowed to bring his book.

Minutes after, he returns, armed with books and CDs after having changed his clothes and organised his afro.

He picks a book titled The Life Of Our Ancestors and queries, “Do you see this book?”

The Corp nods. “It is a book I published in 2010 after a 50 year-period of research.”

Chimp Corp: What exactly is the book about?

Lutaya: This one? It discusses how our ancestors lived and behaved.

(The Corp recalls that his interview is inclined to Mzee’s rapping skills not the book. He swiftly interjects)

Chimp Corp: I’m well informed that you are a rapper. When did you start rapping?

Lutaya: I began rapping in 2008.

I used to sing in my child hood with the likes of the late; Elly Wamala, Ssebaduka, among others before joining the army in 1968.

I served in the forces up to 1983.

The President paid me a pension, part of which I used to help a German NGO based in Uganda.

I even acted in his film Museveni’s Kadogos after teaming up with a group of youths.

Chimp Corp: (trying to keep his cool) Ah, the music!

Lutaya: (nods repeatedly) Yes, yes, that is how I knew what the youths want. Rap was the kind of music which most of them liked.

I thus joined them so as not to isolate myself.

Chimp Corp: How did they respond?

Lutaya: I was actually shocked when they said that my rhyming was better than theirs.

I decided to form my own rapping group known as Born Fire.

Chimp Corp: So, how did you go about the whole rapping thing?

Lutaya: I started by engaging in freestyle rap battles with several rappers around the country, daring any to challenge my rhyming skills.

Chimp Corp: But everyone says that you are too old for that!

Lutaya: Me? You must be joking! Bring your young rappers and see!

Not even GNL or Navio can match my rhymes!

GNL Zamba

Chimp Corp: Do you have any song that can prove this assertion?

Lutaya: I only have one recorded song. It is titled Agaliselengeta Ekalinama. I composed it in the memory of my fallen friends.

Chimp Corp: Why only one song?

Lutaya: The respect I have for that song is the reason why I haven’t added any single one to it.

Chimp Corp: Well, I wish you had more solid proof. You could for example, sample me with one verse.

The Mzee clears his throat and the Corp smiles.

In his husky voice, he immediately starts rhyming about the fallen Ugandan musicians like Paul Kafeero, Kasozi, Elly Wamala, etc.

The Corp can’t believe that the perfect rhymes are coming from a man of Lutaya’s years. The Corp then records Mzee’s rhymes with his phone.

Lutaya: See! Rapping isn’t a problem. I am a city born.

Chimp Corp: Really?

Lutaya: Yes. I was born in Naguru, Kyadondo county where the Naguru police barracks is, in a round 1950.

When Obote was overthrown, I left for the Soviet Union (Russia) but returned in 1987 to be with my family.

Chimp Corp: So, what do you do for a living?

Lutaya: I have been employed here at the National Theatre since 1988. It is from here that I was motivated to start up a cultural site exhibiting the tools which were used by our ancestors.

Chimp Corp: What is it called?

Lutaya: Sonko Cultural Center. It is in Kisasi. Its purpose is to enlighten the public about the lives of our ancestors.

Chimp Corp: Do you intend to start featuring in music concerts to battle with GNL and Navio?

Lutaya: No. My ambition is to get enough finances and turn the whole of Kisasi land into a national tourist center.

Chimp Corp: Meaning…the claim that you are better than these Lugaflow icons is not true!


Lutaya: I dare them to challenge me anytime! I’m always ready!

The Corp shakes his head amazedly and thanks the Mzee for sparing a few minutes to share with him the long life journey.


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