Kyambadde: Fake Goods Still Flooding Uganda Market


sick geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The alarm was sounded on Friday evening by Trade Minister Hon Amelia Kyambadde in her message delivered by Commissioner Trade and Industry Eng Sam Ssenkungu, viagra who highlighted a dire need for self regulatory and a restrictive force from private sector and government respectively, in a bid to better the quality of locally produced goods.

Kyambadde pointed out that there was much ground to worry about the fact that most of locally made goods were manufactured by Small and Medium enterprises, yet 90 percent of these were yet to be certified by the Standards body.

“Compare this with neighboring Kenya. Over 80 percent of all their manufacture goods are produced by certified companies. And people wonder why our supermarket shelves are filled with goods made in Kenya.”

Eng Senkungu was speaking at 2013 National Quality Gala, an annual event where Uganda National Bureau of standards gets to pay tribute to those companies that that have excelled in maintenance of top quality products in the market.

He however commended the tremendous work being done by UNBS especially the introduction of Pre-shipment and Verification of Imports [PIVOC], and also revealed that in a maximum of three months parliament should have come out with the Anti – Counterfeit Bill.

At the event Roofings Company Ltd was crowned this year’s overall winner in terms of quality maintenance. In second place was Century Bottling Company ltd, while Movit Products and Britannia Allied Industries came in third and fourth positions respectively.

Enterprise Uganda’s Charles Ochichi, who headed the team that set the criteria for determine the winners, commended the winners for setting the precedent for other companies in the country to avail top quality and safe products to the population.

“It is not a simple job, establishing and maintaining top standards amidst a fiercely competitive environment and last long in a business. So many great operators who commanded out markets some years back have vanished because they couldn’t hold on longer,’’ he said.

The business expert advised companies to always seek to excel, understand their customers’ needs and keep working to their delight.

“You must also seek to keep a closer relationship with your employees, and never sideline them because they posses more that what you need for your company’s excellence.”

“Researchers have found out that 68 percent of all dissatisfied customers majorly cite employees’ indifference. If you do not seek to fully benefit from every one of your employees’ ideas and choose to disregard them, these people are capable of damaging everything that you have for years worked for.”


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