Pandemic Outbreaks Blamed On Low Health Research


this web geneva;”>In an exclusive interview, ask Edward Katongole Mbidde, the director of Uganda Virus Institute located in Entebbe told Chimpreports that diseases outbreaks would be easily handled if government injected some money in scientific or health research.

“According to research, especially on circumcision, studies have shown that circumcision reduces HIV/AIDS infection rates by 60% among heterosexual African men,” Dr Mbidde observed.

He then added: “this exercise has been carried out in Acholi and Lango areas and it has proved true as well as reliable.”

Dr Mbidde also revealed that during the bulk of research at the institute is funded by donors who have their own interests other than the good of Ugandans.

“Whereas healthy research is critical in the implementation of healthy related policies and programs, the acute lack of funds for researchers from the government makes health interventions impossible,” Dr Mbidde pointed out.

He called upon government to play its role in sponsoring health research as well as encouraging and popularising science studies among secondary schools and universities.


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