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KCCA Remands 40 Street Kids To Kampiringisa

order geneva;”>Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Centre is Uganda’s only juvenile detention centre (prison for children). It is located in the Mpigi District on the outskirts of the capital city, Kampala.

The centre run by the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is mandated to detain young males and females in conflict with the law from the ages of 12 to 18 years.

The street children, including babies and toddlers, are housed with and looked after by much older offenders.

In a Friday exclusive interview with the KCCA public relations officer, Peter Kawuju, Chimpreports gathered that this effort is aimed at reducing the number of idlers on the streets and to give better life to these children who have been abandoned by their parents.

“The city is too risky for their lives especially when you consider the jam and too many vehicles that rush left and right,” Kawuju pointed out.

Kawuju further noted that KCCA is working hand in hand with the Office of the Prime Minister to see that all those people who bring these kids on streets are prosecuted.

“Because they are violating the rights of these kids by denying them education and subjecting them to beggary and thievery all their lives,” he added.

Chimpreports further made special interviews with the kids who explained that they come from parts like Karamoja, Soroti and other parts of the country with the intention of making money but the problem they face after getting money is their relatives grab the money leaving them penniless.

“I want to go back home but I don’t even have the transport to take me back,” said one of the frustrated kids.

According to the KCCA enforcement officer, Dirisa Kiwalabye, these kids have always been taken to Kampiringisa by KCCA and given good life but there are still some selfish individuals who have continued to deceive the kids with small gifts thus bringing them back to Kampala to do their business of begging.

“Apart from our endless efforts to get these kids off the streets, there should be something done to those people who pick these kids from their home villages and subject them to mistreatment,” Kiwalabye suggested.

Kiwalabye thus advised all parents to take care of their kids to avoid human trafficking.

The exercise or ridding the streets of these kids is going to run for a full month.

“This should be backed by parents and civil societies because there is too much need for sensitising people on the rights of children,” Kiwalabye added.


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