PHOTO: Tooro Queen Mother, City Lawyer Lock Horns Over Shs 3.4bn

Kemigisa appearing at Buganda road court in 2014

physician geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kemigisa appeared before magistrate Zirintusa Kintu for a re-cross examination after having spent almost eight months without coming to court.

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She denied having received any direct cash payment from Bob Kasango and knowledge of a bank account in Barclays Bank under her name on which Bob Kasango alleges to have sent some of the money.

She told court that she only received Shs 1.1 billion, a sum she acknowledged on December 24, 2008.

Kemigisa was appearing as a witness in a case in which she sued her lawyer over failure to remit to her payments amounting to Shs 4.5 billion from the government.

The money was being paid for the land in Fort portal which the queen mother sold to the government.

Kemigisa, earlier in her testimony, told court that Kasango being her lawyer at the time, had the money sent on his account.

She said that despite the government having paid all the money, Kasango sent her only Shs 1.1 billion.

However, Kasango who represented himself, told court that he gave Kemigisha all that she was entitled to.

He said that prior to the payment of the money by the government; he had been helping the queen mother with finances which he expected to recover from the payment.

“I helped Kemigisha when she was stranded in Libya, gave her the money she used to buy her Buziga residence and even money to send to Ruth Komuntale at school,” Kasango said.

The case was adjourned to January 13, 2014 for further hearing.


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