Kids Cautioned On Pornography


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physician geneva;”>The general secretary for National Council for children, Martin Kiiza in an exclusive interview, told Chimpreports that the council for children has started a campaign in schools training children about their rights, responsibilities and how to behave in the forth coming holidays.

“Holidays should not be seen as time for learners to rest and relax but it should be time for revision and helping parents with home chores like fetching firewood, water, doing hand crafts, sweeping, washing, cattle grazing, among others,” Kiiza said.

He also explained that children also use holidays to go for outings at beaches without being accompanied by parents where they copy bad behaviour and get into peer groups.

Kiiza also went ahead to advise artists playing pornographic videos to avoid putting them on the streets as they cell CD’s especially in the evening hours because these kids get to watch them.

He advises the kids against wasting time in cinemas and sports betting for the case of boys citing that these habits may result into dropping out of school.

This campaign has pioneered in schools like Kitante primary school, Old Kampala secondary school and St. Jude primary school, among others.

Parents are urged to ensure maximum protection of their children during holidays because children risk indulging in alcohol taking, cinema watching where they watch pornographic material in absence of their parents.

Parents are also urged to follow and watch their children’s movements and avoid sending them to isolated places or to shops at night.

“Parents should not send their children to such risky places at late hours because sugar daddies use this chance to waylay them,” Kiiza observed.


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