Muslim Cleric Backs Anti-smoking Bill


hospital look geneva;”>In an exclusive interview held at his office in Kampala on Friday, mind Kakeeto told Chimpreports that in Uganda, viagra many alcohol brands are being introduced on market which has forced youths to develop the habit of taking alcohol ontop of taking drugs.

“The government and the 9th parliament should put this under their achievements to pass the bill against public smoking and put up heavy punishments on those found doing it,” Kakeeto suggested.

He also advised the government to ban the introduction of new alcohol brands on market in the country in order to reduce on the effects of smoking and alcohol.

Kakeeto also warned his followers against smoking and alcoholism which are forbidden in Islam.

Smoking leads to lung cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm or the swelling or weakening of the main blood arteries and heart diseases.

In 2002, the government proposed to ban the smoking of cigarettes in public and parliament is yet to pass it.

When the bill is enacted, anyone caught in the act will be imprisoned for two months as he/she helps the police to look for those selling drugs.

The High Court in 2002, stated that smoking in public violates the rights of non-smokers to life and to a clean and healthy environment.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco kills 4.9 million people per year.

It is estimated that by 2030, 10 million people will die per year from tobacco related illnesses, 70 percent of these in developing countries like Uganda.

Mark Kityo, a bodaboda cyclist, says some of his passengers smoke which affects his health.

“I think the government should pass this bill about smoking,” said Kityo.


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