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Gen Sejusa Declares War On Museveni


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The controversial General who fought alongside Museveni in the protracted and bloody guerrilla war that brought the current government into power in 1986, said “leaders of all political parties in the country; churches, NGOs, traditional leaders etc. should all embrace a new approach and broaden the means that can bring about change.”

Sejusa, who is wanted for treason and desertion, said the “so called peaceful methods which have been tried over time will be allowed to work if they can, but we should not be prisoners to those means and methods which in many ways have only helped to entrench the dictatorship by giving him time to reorganise and recover from the shocks he has suffered.”

In a statement issued Friday under his Freedom and Unity Front, a Diaspora-based political organisation, Sejusa said “no one should imagine that Museveni will be removed through elections,” adding the drama surrounding the ousting of Lukwago as a clear manifestation.

“How can someone who cannot allow an opposition mayor to function allow the opposition to take power then?” he wondered.

Government has in recent days distanced itself from plans to have Lukwago removed from office. He was last week found liable for incompetence, misconduct and abuse of office by the KCCA Tribunal.

Opposition responded by calling protests which were blocked by police. This touched off sporadic street battles between security forces and opposition supporters in Kampala.

Sejusa said leaders should know that building alternative capacity is in itself a safeguard for peaceful resolution of conflict.

“That is the whole essence of detente! So let us build alternative capacity which must leave no doubt in the mind of the dictator that he will face a personal existential threat if he does not change course. This capability must go beyond mere posturing to building real infrastructure for resistance,” said the former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs.

Museveni‘s thoughts

Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, said he needed more time to respond to Sejusa’s threats.

He, however, recently said any plans by Sejusa to use force his way to the highest political office in the land would be firmly resisted by the armed forces.

Speaking at a press conference in Kampala on October 3, Museveni also warned Sejusa of grave consequences if he chose the path of war.

“If he wants to use force, let him come. He knows my address…We have been waiting for him for a few months now,” said Museveni.

He added: “Sejusa is already a deserter. He has already made a lot of mistakes and he will be handled according to the law.”

In his new statement, Sejusa does not reveal his masterplan.

“I don’t intend to go into details here but everyone must start on a mental preparation exercise to use other means to remove Museveni,” he noted.

Sejusa also warned the army other security agencies that “no military might can defeat the will of the people.”

He noted: “I call upon you to always be on the side of the people. Take that example of the Egyptian military seriously, who refused to fight for Mubarak etc. they were no fools. Start preparing yourselves psychologically to exist without Museveni. It all starts with the mind.”

Sejusa further added: “UPDF, I have been with you in the trenches, through thin and thick. Forget those pretenders now posturing. We feel for you. For the prolonged suffering you have had to endure to just enrich a bunch of thieves. That is not why you have been fighting for over 30 years, non-stop. Individually, the opportunity where possible, collectively, start looking beyond Museveni. Your destiny is in your hands. Seize it.”

Before he fled to London, Sejusa is said to have planted spies in Special Forces Command, an elite force that guards the President, to investigate its strength and also intercept classified communications.

It is also thought that Sejusa had mobilized veterans in preparation of carrying out a coup.

Sejusa also pointed to a possibility of genocide in Uganda and also accused Museveni of rigging elections, violation of human rights and failing to put an end to corruption.

The exiled General was this week scrapped from the list of UPDF MPs after a protracted absence from Parliament.


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