Police Escort Besigye


The opposition leader car was blocked at Cairo International Bank.

According to the reports, Besigye was travelling to Nsambya where he runs a fuel station. However, Police suspect the Colonel had a surprise on his sleeve thus swinging into action.

“They are saying that I can’t go anywhere. Now I can’t go to work. How do they expect me to work if I can’t go anywhere?” queried Besigye.

The police suspects that Besigye was heading back to the Nakibuvo arena that sparked off this week’s protests after the Lord Mayor’s planned rally on the same spot was foiled by police.

It was this rally that led to the arrest of the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago and later Besigye himself as police insisted that they had no permission to hold a public gathering.

After being detained for two days at diffrent police stations, the duo was produced in court on Thursday for being a member to an unlawful society.

They were released on a non-cash bail of Shs 40m. They were later re-arrested as soon as they left court and led to their homes.

Some of Besigye’s supporters who tried to intervene today were dispersed with teargas. Police later escorted Besigye to Nsambya.


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