Prices For Industrial Products Still Unstable


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According to John Bonaventure Musoke, the senior statistician at Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOs) says the main contributors to the 0.5 percent increase were the drinks and tobacco by 9.8 percent mainly due to the rise in the prices of malt liquors attributed to a cost of raw material, textiles, clothing and foot ware.

“The 4.5 percent rise is mainly due to the rise in prices of wearing apparel attributed to the cost of raw materials and chemical products which rose by 4.5 percent mainly due to the rise in the prices of soap products,” Musoke states.

However, during the same period, decreases in prices were registered in the sectors of food products 0.9 percent, bricks and cement 2.9 percent as well as metal products.

“In September 2013, producer prices decreased by 3.15 percent following the previous rise of 0.4% in August 2013,” Musoke adds.

The fall in prices for the month of September was mainly due to; a 1.4 percent fall in the prices of processed products, 11.7 percent fall in prices of drinks and tobacco and 1.4% fall in the prices of metal products.

Musoke also observes that the local monthly price changes of manufactured goods produced for consumption in the local market experienced a decrease of 1.1 percent in September 2013 following relatively stable prices recorded in August 2013.

The decrease of prices in September was mainly due to the fall in prices of processed food by 1.9 percent, bricks and cement by 0.9 percentand metal products by 1.4 percent.


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