Assessing Micho's Performance In Six Months


Today, Thursday, November 21st marks exactly six months since Serbian tactician Milutin Micho Sredojevi? was handed a two-year deal as Cranes’ head coach.

However, challenges are still in his way though he is entitled to make a difference in Uganda’s football, more so, with the national team, The Cranes.

In just a period of six months, Micho has summoned 93 players onto the national team apart from the 25 players called from the University Football League to give Micho’s Cranes team a test last week before the Rwanda friendly game.

The Cranes has played 11 games under Micho; Libya vs Uganda, Uganda vs Liberia, Uganda vs Angola, Egypt vs Uganda, Tanzania vs Uganda, Uganda vs Tanzania, Botswana vs Uganda, Senegal vs Uganda, Egypt vs Uganda, Egypt vs Uganda and lastly Uganda vs Rwanda.

You can not mention that Micho has helped Uganda for extra-achievement than his predecessor Bobby Williamson who was dismissed a week after Liberia defeated Cranes on March 24 in the World Cup qualifiers.

Micho helped Uganda to qualify for CHAN championship slated for next year in South Africa but likewise, Bobby also helped Uganda to qualify for 2011 CHAN championship in Sudan.

Micho may be judged with time compared to Bobby Williamson, but the question is; will he (Micho) settle and get a well-known and identified Cranes team?

Will Micho be given that time of identifying a strong team from his now 93 summoned players because the fact is that he was assigned the task of delivering but not to test?

Then where is the problem? Why summon all these players? Is it a lack of structures in Uganda’s football, or he can’t observe that all these players are from an under-age team or he (Micho) just wants to be close to them?

Rumour has it that he is a football players’ agent who is looking for many players from which he (Micho) can select to take to some African and European clubs.

Well, the fact is that he helped Emmanuel Okwi and Rwanda’s Medi Kagere to join paid ranks in Tunisia though later deals flopped but you can go with that fact that Micho has elements of a football players’ agent.

As it is now, Micho is only left with one and half years on his contract but it’s not so identical if he will deliver or not.

Micho is left with tasks; leading Cranes to CECAFA title defense, impressive performance in CHAN championship next year in South Africa, and to lead Uganda to the 2015 Africa Nations Cup in Morocco.

As Uganda national team is expected to depart on the Monday of November 25th, Micho said that he does respect his opponents but there is no need to worry because his team will have s decent nation’s representation in CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup.


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