Museveni Hails Chinese' Support For Africa Liberation Movements


online geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Museveni made the remarks on Thursday while addressing Governors and Mayors of the People’s Republic of China and the East African Community at the Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo.

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“The Chinese know about resistance. Their resistance was intensive especially in 1927. The resistance was protracted until 1949 when the Communist Party achieved victory,” said Museveni.

He added: “Meanwhile resistance was launched by Africans led by African chiefs. However, by the 1900s, the resistance was taken over by modern anti-colonial movements. The oldest is the ANC liberation movement.”

Museveni, who led the National Resistance Army (NRA) guerilla group that toppled the military junta in 1986, said the Chinese leaders actively supported the liberation struggles in Africa until the whole of Africa was liberated, the last being South Africa in 1994.

“The last 40 years, China has become a prosperous modern economy. It is the second richest in the world. China has 1.3 billion people and Africa 1 billion. The population in Africa is growing. The land mass of Africa is a big one, it is about four times the land mass of China,” said Museveni.

The President said the Munyonyo conference would go to deepen old friendship which was formed during the anti-colonial struggle times.

“The potential for growth is very deep, moreover, our relationship is always based on equality and mutual respect,” he added.

“In Uganda, we had to get rid of fascist governments, democratize the country, and our economy has been growing steadily in the last 27 years. We are not alone but an East African Community that includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.”

Museveni observed that while the economies of Europe experienced problems, economies in Africa have been growing.

“China has also been growing. Therefore, it is important that we use that relationship for each other’s mutual benefit,” he advised.

The President said Uganda and East Africa at large has big potential in manufacturing and mining.

“Uganda’s tourism has big potential. East Africa is one of the few points on the globe which are right on the equator but with high elevation. Yet you find permanent snow right on the equator. There is snow at Mt Rwenzori and the Kilimanjaro.”


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