FMU To Buy Katongole New Rally Car

recipe geneva;”>Immediately after the last section, see the car caught fire and though the place was near water and alot was done to pour water on the car to over-come the fire, all was in vain.

Mikidard Katongole, after the incidence, called-upon the rally fans and the local motorsport game governing body, Federation of Motorsports clubs in Uganda (FMU) to help him in acquiring a new car so that he could stay in the game.

“I love the game. The destruction of my car doesn’t mean I will leave the game. However, I need much support so that I can have a new car,” Katongole appealed to FMU officials.

George Kagimu, the President of FMU, said that since he had heard it from the victim himself, he will work-upon that problem on behalf of the federation.

“Since he made it clear to the federation, hopefully, we shall help him either by organising a rally event for him or engaging other means because we want the game to prosper,” Kagimu pledged.

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