Gen Sejusa Finally Kicked Out Of Parliament

sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>After a two-month investigation, viagra buy the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline has Wednesday recommended that Gen Sejusa “ceases to be a member of parliament” under Article 84)1) D) of constitution and Rule 101 (10).

Led by Fox Odoi, the Committee told the plenary session today that the process to replace Sejusa should take immediate effect in accordance with Article 81 (2) of the Constitution.

MPs observed the risk of undermining the Constitution if such functional multiplicity is perpetuated and that Sejusa’s deployment would comprise the effectiveness and efficiency of any person serving under several official capacities.

It was revealed that Sejusa missed 41 sittings from May 21 to September 26 on top of failure to attend all plenary sessions during this period.

Sejusa fled Uganda in April this year after authoring a controversial letter calling for an investigation into reports that government officials opposed to Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rise to presidency were targeted for assassination.

He would later declare his intentions to overthrow Museveni in private interviews with journalists in London.

Government vehemently denied the so-called Muhoozi Project, accusing Sejusa of misconduct and treason.

His absence from Parliament, where he was among the representatives of the army, later became an issue leading to heated Parliamentary debates.


Sejusa had on April 29 sought Kadaga’s permission to be away from Parliament for three weeks, which she granted, commencing on April 30.

His leave ought to have expired on the May 21.

However, on May 24, through his alleged lawyers, Luzige, Lubega, and Co Advocates, Sejusa informed Kadaga of his intention to extend his absence from the House on the ground that he was still on official duty.

Sejusa also made another request for extension of the official leave for a period of three months on August 16 through the same lawyers.

Recognizing that he was away, not on Parliamentary duties and before granting his request for extension of leave, Kadaga contacted the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Katumba Wamala to establish his status as regards official duty.

The response from the CDF, contained in a letter dated 16th August 2013, under Ref: UPDF/CDF/570/A was to the effect that “as far as UPDF is concerned, Hon. Gen. Sejusa is not on any official duty of the UPDF”.

Kadaga declined the request as Sejusa did not show sufficient cause justifying the extension of leave of absence from the House as required under Rule 101(2) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament which provides that “Leave of absence may be given by the Speaker to any member who shows sufficient cause or who is away on official or parliamentary duties.”

“In any event my records now indicate that you have been absent from the House without the permission of the Speaker for more than 15 fifteen sittings of the House. In the circumstances, I note that your continued absence from the House is in contravention of Rule 101(6) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament which provides that: (6) except with the permission of the Speaker, a member shall not absent himself or herself from 15 or more sittings of the House during any period when the House is continuously meeting,” Kadaga wrote to Sejusa.

An investigation was later rolled out which has now punched the last nail in Sejusa’s reign as UPDF MP in the 9th Parliament.

The MPs today adopted the report from the Rules committee that Sejusa ceases being a Member of Parliament.


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