UPC Trashes Gov’t Census Idea For 2016 Polls


Speaking to the press at the party headquarters in Kampala, the party spokesperson, Okello Lucima, said that the two data recordings are different and therefore serve different purposes.

“The population census data indicates all people living within the country including foreign students, refugees, non-nationals and several other groups of people while that of the voters’ register only indicates the eligible voters indicating the places where people are willing to vote from,” Lucima pointed out.

Lucima clarified that “there is literally no saving that can be attained at the expense of organising disorganised elections”.

“The losses that Ugandans are bound to face after the disorganised move are far greater than the expenses incurred in organising the population census differently from carrying out voters’ register update,” Lucima emphasised.

He added that the population data can be used as a master-data to determine the validity and the legibility of the voters’ register which can be used to challenge all the irregularities in the elections.


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