Mugula: I’ll Teach Golola Real Kickboxing

site geneva;”>“I am tired of only battling kick-boxers that have defeated Golola, cialis 40mg let me start afresh and bring my own fighters and this time Heseen is a World champion but after him, Golola is the next on card and everyone should watch out for that fight,” said Mugula this afternoon at Mt Zion hotel in Kampala.

The 69 kg fighter, Ronald Mugula, has taken some good time without having a fight in Uganda save for his fights on his spell in Germany.

The last fight he had here was last year while fighting against the late Andras Nagy.

“Our fight with Golola will be a title fight since I defeated Nagy who had this title. So, I will not take it for granted,” added Mugula.

Mugula also accredited Moses Golola for hyping the game to the level where it is but added that it’s their time to walk the talk.

He explained that it is precisely the reason why he wants to teach Golola how to have a win in the ring.

“Golola hyped the game but we want to keep the pace of the game so that other people can be inspired to join. Golola knows how to fight but he lacks training, the kind that I will give him with my fists and kicks,” Mugula threatened.

Despite saying that, Mugula is yet to reveal when and where their fight will be held.

Mugula has 62 fights on his professional account; 44 wins, 10 losses and 6 draws but of the 44 wins, he has 24 knock outs.

His Egyptian opponent, who is now the World champion in their weight of 69 kg, can be more seen as an inexperienced kick-boxer since he has 30 fights of which 23 are wins and seven are losses.


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