Total Uganda To Create SMEs For Graduates


viagra 40mg geneva;”>Nguer made these remarks recently while speaking at a Public lecture in Makerere University , pharmacy on the topic, sale ‘Why I believe in Africa.’

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“Governments on the African continent need to create an enabling environment for more investments on the continent as a way of tapping into the enormous potential of the youth,” Nguer said.

In a meeting with the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Prof. J.Y.T. Mugisha prior to the Public Lecture, Mr. Nguer accompanied by Mr. Imrane Barry, Managing Director, Total Uganda Limited and other Total officials expressed his gratitude at being given the opportunity to share with students his vast experience.

“We need to give hope to our people. It is not about leaving it to Governments alone. As Total Uganda, we intend to launch an initiative on young entrepreneurship,” he explained.

In his address to Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate students who attended the Public Lecture, Mr. Momar Nguer outlined Africa’s continued economic growth, a burgeoning middle class and an improved economic environment resulting from Good Governance as the three main reasons why he believes in Africa.

According to Nguer, Africa is the continent that has it all.

“This continent has a healthy growth rate, which economists say is characterised by a decrease in the dependency ratio. Investment in Africa is key as the Government cannot accommodate all the youngsters coming from Universities, who are over 40,000 annually in most countries,” observed Nguer.

He added: “Government has to create an enabling environment for companies to operate. If you take the example of mobile payments, what we are doing in Africa is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Africa is taking the lead and this is a good demonstration of the potential of business in Africa if the environment continues to allow.”

Nguer further noted that “we cannot be the ones lagging behind all the time. We should not allow this. We need to set the pace in some domains. The rest of the world has not seen us yet”.

He called upon Government to prioritise agriculture as a backbone for Africa.

“Each of us should think of things that benefit the entire continent. Why subsidise fuel and not fertilisers?” he wondered.

Commenting about the potential of oil in Uganda, Vice President Nguer asserted that Uganda currently enjoys a coveted position and needs to take full advantage of it.

“Uganda is lucky to be the first country in the region to be producing oil. She can take the lead and be a reference point as the country with experts on oil for the region. Right now, Uganda may not have the expertise but will certainly do so in the next 5 – 10 years as more citizens get grounded in the industry. That is what Uganda should be striving for,” he said.

Mr. Nguer also reiterated Total’s commitment to the exploitation of alternative sources of energy.

“Total has acquired SunPower, one of the biggest Solar Companies and won the contract to build a 70MW solar plant in Chile. We also launched the Awango Solar Lamp which provides up to 6 hours of lighting for rural areas and although our target was 300,000 units by 2015, we have already surpassed it and our new target is 1 million lamps.”

He reinforced Totals’ commitment to partnering with Makerere University through their graduate management training programme that has seen up to forty five (45) fresh graduates train at Total Uganda.


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