IN PICTURES: How Besigye Was Arrested

medicine geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Unfortunately, police was tipped by its secret spies and they immediately swung into action.

When the retired colonel sniffed danger in the air, he took giant strides and disappeared inside his car. Then the hide and seek game started.

Policemen tried their best to drag the colonel out but to no avail. He had actually locked himself inside.

Police trucks patrolling Kampala streets

This turn of events forced the police to ring the headquarters seeking for alternatives.

A few moments afterwards, the familiar 999 patrol car stormed the scene almost flying at a terrific speed.

A long rope-like metallic object was soon produced and used to tie Besigye’s Pajero to the patrol van.

Then the pulling started but the colonel’s car was stronger and couldn’t be moved an inch. They tried all tricks but failed as the crowd cheered at the outcomes.

Besigye’s car being dragged to CPS under tight security

Another alternative would apply here. A few minutes, and the monstrous tear gas truck rolled in.

Without further delay, the colonel’s vehicle was at last towed.

Police in a convoy of about six vehicles led by Commander, Felix Kaweesi and Kampala South RPC Michael Mugabi, then escorted the colonel’s vehicle to the Central Police Station.

At CPS, Besigye was removed from his official car and forced into the police van.

The ex-FDC President ‘s supporters hurling stones at Police

In the meantime, Kampala road was closed for about ten minutes.

Police has also beefed up security at Kisekka market to wage off possible protestors.

A detective trying to tie Besigye’s car to a police truck

kaweesi being briefed on the situation in dowtown Kampala on Tuesday


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