LATEST PHOTOS: Lukwago Arrested Again

thumb http://ciencialili.org/libraries/phputf8/strspn.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Lukwago was picked from his home in Wakaligga, http://ccalliance.org/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/init.php Rubaga, http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-search.php Kampala by police after he exhibited intentions of addressing a political rally at Nakivubo which Police said was illegal.

This is the second time in two days that Lukwago is being held for attempting to address public rally in Kampala.

Lukwago’s car being blocked by Police

Police maintains Lukwago and other opposition leaders did not meet the entire requirements of the Public Order Management Act to hold the gathering.

Lukwago told to disembark his official car

Security forces yesterday clashed with Lukwago’s supporters in Kampala, bringing business to a standstill and traffic to a halt.

Lukwago and opposition activists including Ingrid Turinawe were detained at different Police Stations till late in the night when they were released on bond.

At Lukwago’s residence, Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe says the Mayor was told to embark a police car which drove off to an unknown destination.

He says the situation remains calm but tense.

The Mayor is directed on which Police truck he should board

Police say Lukwago intends to incite violence after the KCCA Tribunal found him liable for incompetence, misconduct and abuse of office.

It also cleared the process for his ousting.

But Lukwago has vowed not to go down without a fight.

Lukwago quizzes cops on why he is being arrested

Lukwago accepts to board the Police truck to an unknown destination

Lukwago driven off in a Police truck


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