Prof. Bulunywa Calls Striking MUBS Students For Talks

Prof Balunywa

website geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This follows a Saturday incident where misunderstandings between the administration and the students cropped up resulting into a massive strike at the Nakawa-based institution.

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here geneva; color: #222222;”>“Several students sustained injuries and an asthmatic student almost lost his life due to tear gas, approved ” Bulunywa observed.

In addition, many students as well as the business people around the institution lost their property and others were left psychologically tortured.

“This is regrettable. MUBS does not have a culture of strikes because of their problem-solving approach to most of the issues,” the professor pointed out.

Bulunywa further notes that there was “a student who is expecting and she had to be rushed to the hospital to avoid her losing the baby”.

“I am asking students on this forum, what went wrong, what didn’t we do well and how can we do it better?” Bulunywa posted on his Face book page.

Strikes are a common occurrence in schools and universities in the country and “this approach demands that we listen to students, identify problems and solve them together”.

“I personally regret these events and request that we search our souls and find out what went wrong and address this problem,” Bulunywa adds.


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