MPs Blast Museveni, Join Protestors


page geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While addressing journalists at Parliament earlier this midmorning, side effects MPs including Barnabas Tinkasimiire, Mariam Nalubega, MohaMmed Nsereko, Democratic Party Secretary Gen. Matthias Nsubuga, Theodore Sekikubo, Latif Sebagala, Vincent Niwagaba and many others had said they would storm the venue at 2pm.

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They argued that removing of Lukwago as Lord Mayor because of incompetence “is a joke because the most incompetent is instead President Museveni and his ministers”.

“You cannot chase a democratically elected leader on the accounts of incompetence manufactured by the system which is against him. This is unacceptable and we are going to block it starting today at 2pm,” Tinkasimire said.

The Gomba Woman MP, Brenda Nalubega, asserted that “before setting a tribunal to implicate Lukwago of incompetence, president Museveni should reflect on his performance as the Head of State of a nation where the National Referral hospital is a death trap for its citizens”.

The MPs blamed the government for stifling Lukwago’s powers and blocking him in all KCCA activities which he was elected to perform as the Lord “Mayor and now taken over by president Museveni.”

“President Museveni has now taken over the duties of the Lord Mayor like opening schools and markets among others. Yes, the Lord Mayor is ceremonial by the law for him to officiate at all ceremonies but that too has been grabbed by Museveni,” Mohamed Nsereko said.

As we speak now, these MPs have joined the protestors as they head to the rally’s promised venue.


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