Muntu: Lukwago Saga Linked to 2016


story case http://dchnf.dk/wp-content/themes/shop-isle/inc/woocommerce/integrations.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Gen Muntu, page http://coaststringfiddlers.com/wp-admin/includes/class-language-pack-upgrader.php the most likely closest challenger of NRM’s president, Yoweri Museveni in the awaited 2016 tussle, and Col Kiiza Besigye’s successor, noted that this is only the first, but many more incidents are going to come along the road to 2016.

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“All these are strategic mind games meant to create a belief in the population that nothing can be done. That president Museveni can do anything from manipulating courts of law, parliament, leaders and the Electoral Commission. The intention is for Ugandans to lose hope in the possibility of change of government,” he said during the party’s weekly press briefing on Monday morning.

He then added: “This is psychological warfare. Once people conceive that mentality and therefore lose hope, Museveni has won. His victory or defeat does not wait for 2016; it starts today right in the minds of Ugandans because everything starts in the mind.”

Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Lukwago, having lost on all three grounds of abuse of office, misconduct and incompetence in the KCCA tribunal, has worse still been arrested today and whisked off to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Kampala, Hon Frank Tumwebaze, is finalising on a Bill that seeks to suspend elections by universal suffrage of the post of the city mayor.

“This is obviously possible and I am not surprised,” noted Muntu. “Even when such a bill is brought to parliament, because of their numbers, the NRM MPs will pass it. But will they scrap election of the country’s president and MPs and district leaders as well?”

Government accuses Lukwago of frustrating efforts to revamp and modernize Kampala city.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo last week said the sky would not fall simply because a funny mayor is succumbing to his “self-inflicted” wounds.

He also accused Lukwago of being a consistent “obstructionist.”

Muntu wound up by calling upon all national leaders irrespective of party, religious or tribal diversity, to defend their country as a single geographic unit that holds 37 million Ugandans.

“Our role as leaders, political, religious and cultural, is to keep communicating. We must keep focus on this systemic government undermining the rule of law in our country. If we too are forced into the status of hopelessness; that is what president Museveni wants.”


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