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Mbidde: M23 Surrender a Threat to Regional Security


viagra buy side effects http://clubmedics.com/wp-includes/category.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In an exclusive interview with purchase http://decoclosets.com/plugins/content/jw_sigpro/jw_sigpro/includes/helper.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>ChimpReports on Monday, Mbidde said the M23 should be looked at within the lenses of the existence of another group called the FDLR, a militia whose ideology and leadership is responsible for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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“The FDRL is still present in DRC and are sometimes used as mercenary forces by President Joseph Kabila for any activities that he would like to administer on any other entity in the country,” Mbidde noted.

He added that the M23 have been acting as a buffer between the FDLR and Rwanda together with Uganda on one part.

“Now that the M23 wall has been removed, FDLR can easily access the Rwandan territory to continue with their atrocities which is a security concern to the entire East African Community,” Mbidde.

He has therefore called upon the EAC to quickly implement a joint protocol on peace and security and start taking decisions that are uniform on security matters that are affecting the region.

“The impasse that has risen between Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania on another part in the fight to eliminate the M23 in DRC resulted from the differential approaches on the security questions facing the East African Community,” Mbidde revealed.

The M23 recently renounced rebellion to give peace a chance after blistering attacks from an allied force of troops from Tanzania, South Africa and Malawi.

Mbidde added that if a uniform decision was taken over the existence of M23 in DRC, the misunderstandings and the fighting of Tanzania on one side versus Rwanda and Uganda on the other wouldn’t exist.

The leader of the M23 Delegation to Kampala, Rene Abandi said during the weekend: “I wish to remind you that we in the M23 still have the opportunity to defend our cause using means other than military. A battle lost is by no means a war lost.”

He added: “We the M23 acknowledge that we are victims of a negative propaganda campaign and that is the most important battle that we lost, we maintain that our soldiers are heroes who defended a just cause and were willing to pay with the ultimate sacrifice.”

He said M23’s decision to engage in political/military struggle was a reaction to the brutality of the Kinshasha regime which unfortunately imported foreign help to silence internal political grievances.

Last week the Kinshasha government refused to acknowledge a peace agreement with the M23, saying it was not favouring their interests.


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