M23 Suspend Suspected Kabila Agent


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The leader of the M23 Delegation to the Kampala peace process, Rene Abandi, said Museveni was the Movement’s Head of Department of Foreign Affairs.

“He was working against the interests of the organisation. Museveni has turned into a job seeker. He is seeking personal favours instead of working for the interests of the Movement,” said Abandi in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Monday.

He further observed that Museveni “no longer wants to work with the organisation, adding, “This destroys internal cohesion.”

The move comes at a time of mounting pressure on leaders of the M23 peace delegation to break ranks and join Kabila’s government.

Sources said several officials from Kinshasha have been luring members on the Delegation with millions of dollars and fat jobs with the view of destroying the political wing of the Movement.

The M23 were last month militarily defeated by an alliance of DRC and regional armies.

Thousands of fighters led by Brig Sultan Makenga have since sought refuge in Kampala.

Efforts to compel DRC to sign a peace agreement with the rebels are yet to bear fruit.

In a letter dated November 18, M23 Political leader, Bertrand Bisiimwa, wrote to Museveni informing him about the suspension.

“I inform you that from this day you are suspended from your duties as Head of Department of Foreign Affairs Policies and Member of the Delegation Movement of March 23 to Kampala until further notice,” the letter reads in part.

Museveni was also ordered to appear before the Disciplinary Council of the Movement to address “serious allegations of indiscipline leveled against you.”

Bisiimwa also indicated that Museveni has ceased representing M23 interests in all negotiations.


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