PHOTOS: Golola Destroys Zlotan


story geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The five rounds bout saw Golola punch the Romanian to the canvas before being declared winner by the MC of the match, viagra Med Nsereko Ssebuliba.

He said Golola won on points 49 – 50, 50 – 45 and 49 -47 against his rival.

Three of the four judges declared Golola winner.

Golola aims at Zlotan during the fight on Monday morning

“‘Thank you all my supporters. I will continue to work hard so that I don’t disappoint you anymore and I am still hard to be tamed,” said Golola after the match.

Earlier, the arbiter erroneously raised the hand of Zlotan as the winner only to be overruled by the judges.

Golola was subsequently declared winner, compelling the cursing Romanian to storm out of the ring.

Golola declared winner

Zlotan would later grudgingly congratulate Golola for the hard-earned win.

While Zlotan exhibited more skills and strength, Golola threw heavy and on-target punches in the 15-minute titan’s clash.

Golola dodging a blow from the Romanian boxer

The win will galvanize Golola and his supporters to secure more wins in future contests.

Golola punched to the canvas

Golola fires blow at the Romanian

Fans enjoying the match

Golola takes a dive to protect his head

Zlotan brought down by Golala’s killer punches

Golola played defensive for the better part of the match


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