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Ugandans In Diaspora Protest Citizenship Law


this http://cvts.ng/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/view.feed.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Act requires Ugandans who desire to acquire the citizenship of another country to first give written notice to the National Citizenship Board in Kampala while children born of Ugandan parents in the Diaspora, drugs who acquire citizenship of foreign countries, price are not eligible for Ugandan citizenship until they are 18 years.

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It also provides for an application fee of US $400 per person to re-acquire Ugandan citizenship.

Led by Joseph Kamara, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, the petitioners claim Diaspora communities make an enormous contribution to economic and social development of their motherland through various means such as advocating for Ugandan causes, promoting linkages with the international community, attracting foreign investments, as well as skills transfer and remittances.

“Reports by various entities such as the Bank of Uganda, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Uganda Bureau of Statistics demonstrate that Uganda has received a large amount of remittances to offset the trade balance. This affirms the diaspora’s contribution to the economic growth and development of our motherland. Therefore, the Citizenship law in its current form is a hindrance to our heritage, rights, duties and responsibilities as Ugandans,” said Kamara in an online petition seen by Chimpreports on Sunday.

He said the Act should be revised to enable Ugandans acquire foreign citizenships without having to first notify the National Citizenship Board.

They further request re—admission of Ugandans that were inadvertently stripped of their right to citizenship because they did not notify the National Citizenship Board in writing and that this should be without the re-application requirements and further delays.

Kamara said children born abroad maintain their Ugandan Citizenship unless they choose to renounce it when they are 18 years or older.


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