Betting Companies To Pay Shs200m Bond To Lottery Board


no rx sans-serif;”>Government says that this money will go to the treasury of the Board and later be used to pay back clients in case a betting company or casino fails to pay.

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sale sans-serif;”>The government through National Lotteries Board, order a body in charge of regulating the Gambling industry in the country, has also come up with other strong rules which all Betting and Casino companies must follow.

The National Lotteries Board will setup a new electronic system to monitor all gaming points as one of the ways to prevent cheating of customers.

While unveiling the contents of the new rule in Kampala on Friday, Manzi Tumubweine, the chairperson National Lotteries Board (NLB), made it clear that the Act in place regarding Betting and casinos is very old in that it cannot fit this new era of technology which has led to cheating of clients.

“Of all the lottery and betting companies, only 34 companies have registered but I would like to warn all other unregistered companies that by 1st January 2014, NLB together with Police shall close all of them without any further notice,” Tumubweine said.

Tumubweine quoted the gaming and pool betting control and amendment Act which states that “every person carrying out betting must have a license starting 1st January 2014”.

For casino promoters, a principal agent shall pay ten million annually; Gaming and pool betting operators including promoter and principal agents will pay five million, while Agents and branch promoters will pay one million annually.

“All operations licenses must be renewed one month before expiry period and failure to do that, the company will not be allowed to operate,” added Tumubweine.

All companies will be required to register all the staff equipment software to National Lottery Board for easy monitoring, no student or children below 18 years will be allowed in the betting halls, all betting premises must be permanent not kiosks, all betting halls should be 200 metres away from social services, government offices, churches, mosques and disclaimers about what may occur after betting must be displayed in the betting hall.

Contacts of the National Lottery Board must be well displayed in the betting halls to enable the people present their problems with the betting companies.

Checking machines must be available at all entrance points of the betting halls to be prepared to prevent any terror threat.

Betting points should have enough facilities like clean toilets in place.

Sports betting licenses will only be processed by the National Lottery Board not by local councils as it has been.

No one will be allowed to overstay in the betting halls or casinos after handing in their predictions.

Gaming centers will be open from 10am up to 10pm and not beyond.

All the games conducted must be in law with of National Lotteries Board.


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