Meet Uganda’s Female Computer Wizard


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Despite her busy schedule as an Associate Professor and Director at UTAMU, Tushabe is a wife, mother and business woman.

The brilliant and ever smiling Tush, as she is commonly known, holds all her academic qualifications in Computer Science, from Bachelors, Masters and PhD.

This computer wizard is also blessed with a big heart as she is the founder of Free Hearts Uganda, a Non-Governmental Organisation which supports the reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

Well, here are the details she shared with us.

ChimpCorp: You have achieved so much at such a young age; what drives you?

Tushabe: I have achieved a lot because God has made opportunities come my way, and I have identified and grabbed these opportunities.

God also brought the right people in my life who gave me the initial push.

Then I have used passion, right attitude and determination to gain momentum and push to the finish line.

ChimpCorp: You are a mother, career woman and running a business at the same time; how do you strike such a balance?

Tushabe: I write down all the things that I need to do in a book.

Every day I read that book and tick off the items I have accomplished and refresh my knowledge on the ones that still need to be accomplished.

I add more items that I need to do and prioritise the remaining items, so that I first do the most important items on the list.

By doing that, I minimise on forgetting to do what I need to do and I become more efficient.

I also set goals, short time goals, like weekly ones as well as long term ones like annual goals.

I always review to gauge how I am progressing in order to keep on track.

I set goals in the three spheres of my life which are personal growth and fulfilment, career and social life.

ChimpCorp: Tell us about the Directorate of Engagement, Research and Innovation (DERI)

Tushabe: DERI is the Directorate that manages three major mandates: Engagement, Research and Innovation.

Engagement is about making mutually-satisfying collaborations with individuals, organisations and Government bodies.

These collaborations are important in translating research outputs to real world settings.

The Research arm is to ensure that our students and staff are given the optimal environment to undertake relevant research and its publication.

Innovations are different from research because innovations involve doing something old in a new way or doing something new in a new way or something new in an old way.

DERI is also responsible for short course trainings as well as community placements and student internships.

In the Directorate, we also do custom-made trainings, research and innovation projects as per the demands of the people we interface with.

ChimpCorp: Where do you see your Directorate in the next 5 years?

Tushabe: In the next 5 years, the Directorate shall be the de facto point of reference for Engagement, Research and Innovations in Technology and Management in Uganda.


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