Minister Warns Students On Over Reliance On Gov't


abortion geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While addressing students of Makerere University at their campus on the same national challenge on Wednesday, nurse the minister warned them against consistently looking up to government for the way out.

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“We are all afraid as government, of what the future holds for you at this rate of unemployment; but worse still that we don’t entirely possess the solution to your predicament,” Eng. Gadison said.

He noted that over 80 percent of the solution to unemployment lies in the private sector, which the youngsters have chosen to abhor.

“The role of government has never been to give you jobs. Our role is to first of all, secure peace and stability in the country, then put in place all the necessary infrastructures and ensure that the population is healthy,” he clarified.

The minister advised the students to get out of their comfort zones and conceive constructive entrepreneurial ideas and once this environment is in place, then they will begin employing themselves.

“Your sisters are adding 1.2 million babies to our population every year; 400,000 of you get out of universities annually into the job market, it is indeed a sad reality that most of you tend to sit and wait for government to advertise jobs in the newspapers,” he stated.

He observed that innovation starts with a problem in the society, and there are so many of them in Uganda today, “once there is a deficiency in your community; that should be your joy. That’s where you start from.”

Eng. Gadison revealed that this failure to provide solutions to the country’s problems is the reason why foreign investors have filled the economy.

Amidst inadequate land, capital and skills, Eng. Gadison called upon the youth to be selfless, conceive and share ideas with each other and create joint ventures.

He used an anecdote of his own life to elaborate possibility. In his mini study across dozens of cyclists and bodabodas who ferried him to work and back home daily, a shocking statistic emerged: 60 percent of them were university graduates.

This sickening truth qualifies the broader national unemployment figure which is currently estimated at 78 percent.

With the country’s job market only managing to absorb only 20 percent of each year’s tertiary institutions’ output, several warnings have been sounded of how Uganda sits on a time bomb.


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