UPC Wants Kasokoso Squatters Compensated


web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Speaking at the party headquarters in Kampala, recipe the party Vice President, Joseph Bosa told press that National Housing bought the land in Kasokoso in the 1960s but due to the political insurgencies that transpired within the country, the construction of houses didn’t take place as it was expected.

“However since the people of Kasokoso have been occupying the land for more than 15 years, by law they are bonafide occupants who must be compensated before being resettled but not just evicted,” Bosa added.

He elaborated that in any case, the NHCC should have sought for dialogue with the occupants or else use legal means to regain the occupied land due to the fact that the people to be evicted are Ugandans who demand protection from the government.

NHCC says it intends to develop the land and had already secured consent from several leaders in the area only to be assaulted by a few riotous individuals.

It has also called for dialogue with locals to facilitate the development of the land into a modern housing estate through a Public Private Partnership.

The anti-riot police on Tuesday morning tightened security in Kasokoso, Wakiso District to contain angry residents protesting the detention of their colleagues who reportedly assaulted the area mayor, Mamerito Mugerwa.

According to the party spokesperson, Okello Lucima, the Land Act provides that the bonafide occupants, squatters and tenants have the first right of refusal to any under taking by the owner of such land.

“We have seen several cases where occupants, tenants and squatters have been ordered to stay on the land under conflict until the process of providing a caveat in the land law is accomplished but why is it different in Kasokoso land wrangles?” Lucima wondered.

Cases of land wrangles and conflicts are greatly increasing within the country and this prompted the President to appoint a committee led by Hon. Aidah Nantaba to handle the conflicts but this hasn’t conclusively dealt with the big problem because the same committee members are always taking sides and conflicting amongst themselves.

Early this year, the President issued out directives to end all land evictions and he has always been seen resettling different persons who were once evicted.


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